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About Bart Bellon

I am a modern dog trainer, and my NePoPo® system of dog training was inspired by nearly 40 years of experience which encompasses history, education, life experience, politics, and practicality. I grew up in Burundi, East Central Africa between 1960 and 1974. It was a wonderful childhood, on the one hand, with loving and intelligent parents and siblings. On the other hand, it was a childhood in a region notorious for war and genocide and predatory leadership where the prerogatives of individuals and interest groups superseded national interests. My interest in dogs began there, in Burundi, where dogs were used to protect the land. Thieves and bandits used poison meat to kill dogs in order to gain access to property. The only dogs who survived were dogs who were taught to eat only a particular kind of food, from a certain bowl, from a specific person only, with a designated hand….